Horizon Purchaser Update I Nearing Completion



We’re excited to share that Horizon is almost complete.

With construction crews working hard through the holiday break, the final concrete panels and timber fins are now being installed to the building’s exterior. The scaffold will be removed in its entirety early next month, revealing the elegant timber façades.

Once the scaffold has been removed, landscaping for all the shared spaces will commence. To ensure a green and established landscape will be waiting to greet you from the day you move in, all of the plants have been planted off-site in a nursery, and have been flourishing for the past year awaiting relocation to their new home at Horizon.

As construction draws towards completion, we have been working closely alongside all trades in the building as part of our quality control process. We ensure that each trade delivers their work to the highest standard, with strict procedures in place to ensure that every apartment is delivered to a premium quality.

We are still anticipating Horizon to be complete and settlements called by early to mid March 2021. With the settlement dates nearing, we thought we would take the time to recap what to expect and the communication plan for the next 2 – 3 months.

Call for Finance Valuations

If you require finance, your bank may require a finance valuation to be completed. An email will be sent on the 1st February inviting you to book in a finance valuation appointment. You may then instruct your bank or financier to book in their inspection of the property with us, if required.

Call for Pre-Settlement Inspections

An email will be sent on the 15th February inviting you to book in your pre-settlement inspection. Your pre-settlement inspection is your opportunity to view your apartment and the amenity and shared spaces at Horizon for the very first time and ask any questions you might have regarding the process.

Call for Settlement

As you will be aware, we can only call for settlement once we

have achieved three major milestones, these being;


This is a certificate granted to the builder to document that the project works have been completed in accordance with the plans and specifications. This certificate is independent from Auckland Council and

we expect this certificate to be issued by the first week of March.


This is your formal Certificate providing confirmation of the legal boundaries and ownership interests associated with your apartment. Our application for Titles is currently processing with Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) and we expect Titles to be issued by the end of February.


The Code of Compliance Certificate is a document issued by Auckland Council certifying that the building works have been completed in accordance with Building Code. Typically, this is the last milestone the project receives before settlement is called. As the Code of Compliance is issued by Auckland Council, we as the developer

have little control over their processing times and are subject to their timeframes and resource availability. Our intention is to have our Code of Compliance application processing with Council so we target CCC being issued by early March. The timing for issuance of the CCC will be monitored closely and communicated to you throughout the process.

We will continue to communicate with you regularly and keep you informed on settlement timing. The above dates are a guide, and we will contact you immediately if there are any changes.

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